Oct 09 2018

Board of Education?

The most attractive feature, for some, and pernicious effect, for others, of the Trump regime is that racists, bigots, and misogynists now feel able to express their racism, bigotry, and misogyny in public.

Express it? Nay, shout if from the rooftops, rub your noses in it and expect not just compliant silence but approval and applause.

Trump-loving substitute teacher hit boy with a clipboard and called him the N-word — at school named for MLK
by Noor Al-Sibai, Raw Story
08 Oct 2018

The family of a former student at a Portland middle school is suing the school district after a white substitute teacher allegedly assaulted her black son and called him a racial slur.

The Oregonian reported that Lamar Warren was 13 and an eighth-grader at Portland’s Martin Luther King Jr. School in October 2017 when substitute teacher Bruce Neimann allegedly hit the young black student in the head with the metal part of a clipboard.

Attorney Grey Kafoury told The Oregonian that the substitute then called Warren and his friends “the N-word, made derogatory comments about African American families and downplayed what was happening by saying something about how it could have been worse if he’d hit them with a cinder block.”

The attorney also said Neimann spoke of his support for President Donald Trump during the incident.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Nicole Hermann declined to prosecute Neimann, the report noted, because Warren and the other boys involved — some of whom accused the substitute of hitting them with the clipboard as well — had differing stories about what happened.

According to a memo written by the deputy district attorney, the boys did not have injuries consistent with being hit by a clipboard as they described, videos of “some of the interactions” did not corroborate their claims and the guardian of another boy involved “expressed skepticism” about the nature of his injury.

The violence of their words mimic the violence of their deeds.

Oklahoma principal arrested after swatting students so hard they had welts and ‘trouble sitting and standing’
by Dominique Jackson, Raw Dirt
08 Oct 2018

Two parents in Oklahoma pressed charges against an elementary school principal after finding bruises on their children’s bodies, reported Fox 43 News.

Gary Gunckel, the principal at Indianola Public School, swatted two children after they were sent to his office for arguing.

The parents complained saying their kids had “trouble sitting [and] standing.” They also noted that they found welts on their skin.

“Whether it’s child abuse or assault, anytime there’s visible marks or a sign of an assault, then, you know, parents were demanding that charges be filed,” Sheriff Chris Morris said. “They felt that their children were spanked too hard, and we’ve got a job to do, and we investigate it, and we forward everything to the district attorney.”

The faculty is allowed to give swats to students on the rear end as a disciplinary practice at Indianola Public Schools, but in this case, the parents felt that Gunckel went too far.

One of the parents said that the process was “frustrating” and the swatting policy “does not have the children best interest in mind.”

Gunckel apologized to the parents saying, “They were supposed to hurt so that [the student] would remember not to do what [they] were doing anymore.”

The idea that children are motivated by Physical Abuse is as abhorrent as the idea that women are motivated by Domestic Abuse. The goal of any Abuse is to ensure obedience. To what? Authority and the God that grants it.

Divine Right.