Oct 13 2018


I dunno, I gave up Cap Pistols when I was about 8. I had a brief fling with plastic replicas when all the kids were LARPing Army in my early teens and another with the 20 Shot Starter Pistols (you use them for starting a race, not to train kids to love guns) when the equally plastic and very, very cheap ones came out. They are startingly loud.

Since then I can hardly see the point. If I want to War Game I have Miniatures and Computers (Call of Duty is a little too twitchy for me, I like Harpoon). If I want to do the Reenactor thing I can, it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also expensive and time consuming.

Still, running around with a toy seems a tad juvenile for someone who aspires to be Governor.

Trump ally Kris Kobach can campaign with replica machine gun, town says
Associated Press
Sat 13 Oct 2018

Parade organizers in a small Kansas town have decided they will not stop Kris Kobach, the Republican candidate for governor, mounting a replica machine gun on a jeep.

The organizing committee for Iola’s Farm City Days had told Kobach’s campaign it would have to remove the replica gun if it wanted the jeep to be part of Saturday’s event.

Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state who led Donald Trump’s controversial and discredited voter fraud commission, said that would violate his free-speech rights as a proponent of the right to bear arms.

The jeep is also decorated with US flag designs and has a bobblehead of Trump on its hood.

Schowengerdt said the committee now expected Kobach to place an orange cap on the machine gun’s barrel, to show it is a replica, and to mount on his jeep an 11in-by-17in sign saying the parade does not “condone the display of large-scale military weapons”.

Schowengerdt said Farm City Days committee members felt the gun’s “wartime message” clashed with the event’s message of bringing farms and cities together. He said organizers had no problem with the jeep, only with the gun. Under past supreme court decisions, he said, parade organizers have a right to choose content.

“This is not a leftist organization,” Schowengerdt said. “In fact, the vast majority of the people on the committee are gun-owning Republicans.”

Who presumably do not play with toys.