Nov 07 2018

Sessions Out

Well good riddance to sad old racist rubbish. On the other hand, could it complicate the Mueller Probe into the Russian Treason Plot?

Yes and no. Mueller will indeed report to a new boss once the transition is complete. Matt Whitaker is an interim appointment and can only serve 210 days without confirmation. Is that a long time? Yes, more so because Whitaker has said flatly that Mueller’s brief does not include Trump’s business dealings (which are of course the quid for Trump’s pro quo though his Russian Connection is more likely kompromat extortion than a conventional bribe, which is not to say conventional bribery did not take place) and has said that the proper way to limit the Mueller Investigation is administratively and through financial control (meaning sneakily).

But no from this standpoint, Mueller has a ton of evidence already, distributed widely across the Justice Department (Michael Cohen). He has 2 Independent Grand Juries that might have handed down or be prepared to hand down on short notice, Indictments against Roger Stone (almost certainly), Trump Jr., Ivanka, Jared, and Eric. The public evidence is overwhelming.

And he probably has at least a Subpoena ready for Donald himself, if not a separate Indictment. Justice Department policy be damned.

The gloves are off now and my confident prediction is there will be blood on the floor because that’s how the FBI rolls- Chicago Style. They come at you with a knife? You come at them with a gun. Mueller is sitting on the trigger of a Howitzer.

Did I say things would start to happen November 7th? Yes, yes I did. Hope you stocked up on popcorn, this will be ugly.

With luck we won’t have to pry Trump out with Pitchforks, the primary utility of which is removing shit.