Dec 07 2018

Soweto and Silence

Trevor Noah made a trip to his home town, Soweto South Africa, to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Nelson Mandela. It’s one of the best pieces he’s ever done.

Unfortunately Comedy Central has changed the availability of clips for embedding on their website (basically not at all) but the whole thing can be viewed here.

I was able to get some clips off YouTube including him and his Gran and his interview with Usher-



So after another 14 Hour flight Trevor was back in New York.

With Laryngitis.

Now I can totally sympathize, it’s one of the many things I hate about flying (acrophobia, which I have, not among them) because the air in the plane is so very dry and you’re strapped in an aluminum tube with everyone else’s germs. I’m frequently sick after a flight.

But it’s been a funny week with Trevor’s Correspondents taking a seat in the Power ‘U’ doing the heavy lifting while Trevor sits there grimacing and contributing the occasional Hawkings voice box comment via his iPhone.

Here’s some of it-

Day 1

Nude Mitch McConnell

Day 3

I could show you the Bill Gates interview with Ronny Chieng but I hate Bill Gates and it’s kind of gross. Notably absent from their YouTube postings is Dulcé Sloan, a Black Woman which I’m sure has nothing to do with it.