Dec 11 2018

Kaepernick! Kaepernick!

Now let us mourn the fortunes of the Washington First Nationals.

Like that? I think it’s catchy.

Redskins routed by Giants, 40-16, as many fans leave at halftime of embarrassing loss
By Les Carpenter, Washington Post
December 9, 2018

At halftime of the worst game in a crumbling Washington Redskins season, a crowd formed around FedEx Field’s west gate Sunday afternoon.

Their fans wanted to get out.

Who could blame them? By then the deficit was 34 points in what would become a 40-16 defeat to the New York Giants — a team Washington had beaten on the road just weeks earlier. But that was before quarterback Alex Smith’s leg was broken on Nov. 18, before backup quarterback Colt McCoy’s leg was broken last Monday night and before emergency backup Mark Sanchez started Sunday and fell on his face as well as his back and even his side as the Giants’ defense swarmed through a broken Redskins offensive line.

Gruden said Johnson will start next week’s desperation game at Jacksonville. But given that Johnson is the team’s fourth quarterback in six weeks and prepared for his latest chance at the NFL by playing in a charity basketball tournament last weekend (later complaining of sore legs), it’s hard to know what hope remains.

So, who you going to put in Coach?

Certainly not Colin Kaepernick who’s a bad influence in the Clubhouse and doesn’t have the “skills” to be an NFL starter anyway.

Because he’s Black?

NFL fail: Why won’t the Washington Redskins hire Colin Kaepernick?
by D. Watkins, Salon
December 10, 2018

He (Kaepernick) finished the 2016 season with an 88.9 quarterback ranking, making him number 18 in the league, which means he’s better than plenty of the active quarterbacks. And yet he still doesn’t have a job, for no other reason than he cares about poor black people.

The Washington Redskins, a team that bears an offensive name and logo, has the opportunity to put a dent in their racist history by employing arguably the most progressive quarterback in NFL history. Signing Kap won’t heal the wounds caused by the team’s branded identity; however, it could be a positive step in the real direction of addressing those age-old issues.

Over the last four weeks, Washington quarterbacks have been shattering like cheap wine glasses. Alex Smith broke his tibia and fibula, and then backup Colt McCoy fractured his fibula, leaving Mark Sanchez with the starting position. Sanchez didn’t get broken up, but he did flop, leaving the starting job in the hands of Josh Johnson, a guy who hasn’t thrown a ball in a pro game since 2011. One of the big knocks on Kaepernick is his age, but both Sanchez and Johnson are older. Kaepernick has had a far better career overall, and unlike those guys he has lead a team to the Super Bowl. Washington suffered a 24-point lost to the Giants yesterday under Johnson, so what do they have to lose, other than the tight grip of their racist legacy?

Kap did the all of the right things and is still being snubbed by the NFL at large, and Washington specifically — a team that just happens to be establishing itself as a very forgiving team, for signing Reuben Foster.

The former San Francisco linebacker, currently being investigated for domestic violence against his estranged girlfriend Elissa Ennis, will now be receiving paychecks from Washington’s NFL team.

“When he got signed, I was like, I can’t believe somebody picked him up,” Ennis said on “Good Morning America.” “I just couldn’t believe somebody picked him up in less than how many hours? I was shocked.”

According to Ennis, Foster abused her three times. It seems that doesn’t matter to a team like Washington, whose leadership is working overtime to prove that they don’t care about allegations of domestic abuse — and that they don’t believe in social justice, either, by passing over the best man for the quarterback job, regardless of the losses they’re racking up, because he believes in a better America for everyone.

I’m going to continue not to be surprised by the obvious racism and sexism the NFL perpetuates by freezing out a man who is working to save black lives, while continuing to employ a guy who allegedly hurt a black woman.

The longer Kaepernick goes unsigned, the more the NFL, all of it, is exposed as the Racists they are.

Kaepernick should win his civil case easily and it is beyond time to remove any anti-Trust protections the League enjoys.