Dec 31 2018

A Year In CP Time

One of the reasons why I no longer do Sausage Grinder of Snark is that I think the site runs at a quite sprightly pace, seldom are there more than yesterday’s and today’s posts on the page (unless you push ‘Fetch More’ or shop the Most Recent List which goes back about a week), TMC or I are busy busy (TMC in particular is usually busy).

She gently reminds me on occasion that I should put more below the fold to encourage page clicks but, just as I admire Atrios and digby for their writing style, I also admire the dignity of their presentation. I’m very old school, even in forced change I try and preserve as much as possible. It is remarkable to me that DocuDharma is 11 years old and The Stars Hollow Gazette 8.

That’s a long, long time in blog years (1 == 7, like dogs) and so it has been in meatspace as Roy Wood Jr. points out-

The Daily Show has steadily improved as you might expect, Roy Wood Jr. is easily the standout correspondent so I look for his work. It would be ironic in the contemporary sense if 2019 made 2018 seem an island of stability.