Mar 10 2019

Bond. James Bond.


Yeah, the show was a waste of Idris but it had moments.

The Beautiful Game

There Are No Little Performances

My Secret? I’m Always Angry,

There’s Nothing Creepy About The Internet. Nothing At All.

Ok. This one deserves some special treatment. First, anything you can do with Power Point you can do with Bee’s Wax and a Razor. Second, Power Point is the single dumbest way to convey information next to Twitter or Facebook (my websites are an Artistic choice). Finally, Microsoft sucks and the only original work they’ve ever done is the BASIC Compiler (well, maybe the ‘C’ engine too, depends how close you think ‘C’ and BASIC are connected).

Cut For Time

Lesser Efforts.

Poor Leslie

Not Woke At All

March Madness coming up. Lady Huskies have 2 losses. Could be your year.


Periodically SNL wants to prove they’re not all political all the time. It’s a mistake. Usually a pedophile Pop Star, especially one that urinates on his victims, is a suitable target for satire but given our present situation it hardly seems our most pressing problem.

Oh, you want news.