Mar 14 2019

Sponge Worthy

Ok, this is what a love sponge is-

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea?

This is Tucker Carlson: White Supremacist

Not sponge worthy.

Occupied Palestine is, umm… Occupied

They’re actually equally Semites as far as labels like that go (not far unless you’re Tucker Carlson). Benjamin Netanyahu is a crook who deserves to be in jail for perfectly obvious and ordinary reasons and AIPAC is the United States lobbying arm of his political party. Are you ok with that?

Not in the sense that you agree necessarily, just that it’s ok to talk about.

Only not on this site without prior review.

I affirm and attest I have reviewed this statement- ek hornbeck.


Nah, it’s about sexual harassment.

Frankly I don’t understand misogynous Geek/Nerd culture at all. I’ve spent a long time looking for people who at least pretend to tolerate my madness and I treasure their companionship.