Apr 01 2019

That’s Entertainment

I kind of lost touch with Professional Wrestling about the time Terry Bollea started doing “C” Action Movies (he’s really awful, worse even than Rod Toombs), but there was a time when I was into it. It’s a big deal in Stamford where you can drive down I 95 (to the musical accompaniment of Welcome to the Machine) and see tower after tower of FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) firms, almost like a real skyline, relieved only by the squat (by comparison) but huge outline of WWE World Headquarters.

I also used to watch Days of Our Lives or DOOL as it is affectionately known. It’s basically the same thing, a Soap Opera only with violence and mayhem.

And it’s realer than you might think. That’s real blood and they really do get injured quite frequently. I’ll describe it as improvised Fight Choreography where the general outlines are known to the participants but the details are spur of the moment.

Of course Steroids are rampant and the performers shamelessly exploited.

I have tuned in from time to time. I can smell what the Rock is cooking and I’m somewhat familiar with the Stephanie/Triple H storyline. Mick Foley is amazing and also an idiot. I even saw Unidicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio back in the day when he was simply a fraudulent Developer and Tax Cheat.

It is, as one would imagine, ripe with Racism and Radical Republicanism and that as much as anything else has led me to choose other amusement options, the last time I thought about it I was watching Jumanji (which I did of course to see Amy Pond, same reason I like Guardians of the Galaxy).

But John Oliver loves it!