Apr 07 2019



GoT? FAB Scott, FAB

Let’s Smoke Some Zombies

This doesn’t mean what it used to.

More Computer Nerds

Burlesque- The Art of Slowly Wearing Less

Virtually Reality


A True Enough Story.

So I’m of an age where periodic lower endoscopies are indicated which kills about a week. First there is what they delicately call “preparation” which includes the consumption of vast quantities of bad tasting Gatorade (not that Gatorade is my favorite anyway) and a day of fasting with the last 12 hours being without even the solace of water.

You waste a day at the Hospital and have to find a driver to take you home, and then it’s 4 days of getting back to your normal self.

It is singularly unhelpful to have the last thing you hear after they start passing the gas be- “We better use the big one.” There is in fact only one size.

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