Apr 14 2019




Bohemian Rhapsody

Insane in the Brain

Bah, I feel I have a good mix. Most of it is as funny as it can be under the circumstances. I should be more socially active, that’s what all the websites tell me. I think it eats your soul. Not because of disagreement, it’s the demand for instant response.

I have a cell to call out, maybe get a text. My Voice Mail is full so please don’t bother and don’t pretend you’ve reached me either.

I read. I write. I’m trying to give up obsessive competitiveness. Were I still at dK I’d be duking it out with Elise to see who could finish with more comments and higher mojo (I posted over 100 per day and carried an average mojo of 5 Recs per).

I don’t miss it which is why I don’t twit.