Apr 24 2019


The Theater Experience

We’ve come a long way since popcorn littered lecture hall chairs and sticky concrete floors, my local Bijou is carpeted throughout and boasts one screening room with swiveling tilting Barcaloungers (yes they recline and have footrests) as well as passable Cafe Tables for your $4 Soda and $6 Hot Dog (pricier options available at the Food Court).

And, it’s not 3-D which makes me sick.

When a Blockbuster comes to town I can seldom be persuaded to see it at all on the first weekend. My preferred strategy is a mid-week Matinee, in the second week of release even, where I can have a nearly empty Theater and no annoying kids fiddling with their phones and anticipating the dialog so that I can’t hear.

Other than that I’m not picky.

I am given to understand that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is having some kind of opening this week and to be helpful I found these videos to share-

The Inestimable Roy Wood Jr.

Essential Background You Might Have Missed

Looper is a hard core Movie site and generally pretty reliable.