May 25 2019



Jack Sparrow – The Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton

Sabotage – Beastie Boys

The Politics Of Dancing – Re-Flex

Even my Therapist, when I attempt to describe situations metaphorically in terms of popular culture, insists she’s never seen, heard, or read the source and makes me recapitulate in excruciating detail. Because she’s Cognitive I assume it’s a Beckian technique to elicit your true reaction and the crux of your emotional response.

C’mon folks, these are $200 for 45 minute (my Therapist goes a little over with me because I’m the funniest client she has) hours. Therapy never cures anything. It makes you feel better (for a longer or lesser moment) with the structure, social interaction, and non-judgemental discussion, and you pick up some coping techniques.

Why would you want a cure from being yourself?

On the other hand I admit that certain works of Art are simply perspective changing and it can be as simple as a Mondrian or complicated as an Esher and the reason I use them as touchstones and shorthand is to spare my readers.