Jun 09 2019


Never Really Over – Katy Perry

Ok. That was a really horrible video and I’d suggest that you close your eyes and listen on your headphones but then you’d focus on the questionable lyrics instead of hearing that wonderful driving Bass line. You can push a lot of Vinyl with less Lionel Richie would say and it has over 39 Million views in the 10 days since its release on May, 30th.

In a way it’s a perfect Summertime Beach Party thing, the kind you’ll hear twice an hour on the Radio (do they still have those?) during the Day and then dance to in the Clubs at Night, waking in damp and sandy sheets of disappointment.

I predict it will be a HUGE hit (if isn’t already) and vanish forgotten to the K-Tel Vault of History.

This next stuff is better.

Trampoline – SHAED

3.7 Million views since December 5th, 2018. Yes, you did just hear that Sopranos ending (that is sooo funny on a musical meta level. She’s an Alto.).

Telephone – Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé

322,869,894 since published on March 15th, 2010 can you believe it? Now I can sort of understand an amount of skepticism about Lady Gaga (not really, she’s amazing) but…