Jul 01 2019


I don’t know if any of you had the opportunity to attend a full time Summer Camp (as opposed to a Day Camp) as I did.

I acquired a ton of skills, but the best part was since it was not attended by anyone else in my School System I could drop Peer Group expectations and resentments and spend two whole weeks blessedly clear of my reputation as a Nerd (totally misguided, I’m a Geek; oh ok- Nerds know lots of stuff about a particular subject and are not only experts but obsessed to the exclusion of other topics, Sherlock Holmes was a Nerd. Geeks on the the other hand know a lot about a lot of things and like showing off, Richard Francis Burton was a Geek).

Summertime is also the time for travel, at least for me. This means connection availability is unknown and each change in location involves the tear down and setup of my work station which also can be easy enough, but frequently involves delays. My road system is laptop based to be sure but not a particularly light one and I’ve invested in equipment that enhances its capabilities that are not without quirks.

Anyway I do the best I can but publishing is likely to be spotty and erratic.