Jul 06 2019

Road Noise


So for the last week I’ve been at North Lake, making sure it’s up to code and fully functional as our Primary Satellite HQ for 2020 (Tulsi Gabbard is dumping a ton of money into an early buy, a bit too soon for Yard Signs yet) and preparing for International travel. I spend the next 2 days at By The Sea doing the same for our Arts and Entertainment branch and then I’m making a run for the border.

I’ll be doing Travel/Stay for about 2 weeks then back to By The Sea for a performance. I try to provide seamless service but posting will be irregular.

I’ll be back in Stars Hollow for a week or 2 after that, then more frantic running around. Things may settle out by Halloween but they might not too.

Since I will be physically isolated from the Internet for the rest of today this will probably be my only piece unless there are earth shattering developments. I will surely burden you tomorrow with the results of the 2019 Women’s World Cup.