Aug 01 2019

Beat Bobby Flay!

He is easily the most obnoxious personality on Food Network.

Well, if you exclude Mario Batali whom it turns out had Picasso-like relationships with the females in his life. Still, he made you think Italian cooking was totally possible in his presentation though it is fair to say he didn’t emphasize quality ingredients to the extent he might have (I have recently tasted Sardines, dressed in Olive Oil with a Lemon and all y’all who think they stink like Herring ought to give them a try)

Not that I want to excuse or explain him, I learned stuff. Bobby Flay just makes me want to impose some Nickelodeon Slime on top, but they say it’s just a pose- like a WWE Wrestling Persona.

Oh yeah. Concentration Camps!

The Most Hated Politician In The United States

Ok, and here’s where the age thing comes into play (at 120+ I’m older than Joe Carson), I was 19 years old when Mitch McConnell was elected

There is something deeply Dorian Gray about this.