Aug 17 2019

But who keeps track?

My New York Metropolitans are 2 games above .500 and a mere 9 games behind the Braves. The New York Yankees are a game ahead in the Win column over the Dodgers for the best record in Baseball.

President Trump has made 12,019 false or misleading claims over 928 days
By Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo, and Meg Kelly, Washington Post
August 12, 2019

President Trump’s proclivity for spouting exaggerated numbers, unwarranted boasts and outright falsehoods has continued at a remarkable pace. As of Aug. 5, his 928th day in office, he had made 12,019 false or misleading claims, according to the Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement the president has uttered.

Trump crossed the 10,000 mark on April 26, and he has been averaging about 20 fishy claims a day since then. From the start of his presidency, he has averaged about 13 such claims a day.

As some wag on TV pointed out, that’s slightly over 1 every 2 hours, 24/7/365.

Trump’s penchant for repeating false claims is demonstrated by the fact that the Fact Checker database has recorded more than 300 instances in which he has repeated a variation of the same claim at least three times. He also now has earned 23 “Bottomless Pinocchios,” claims that have earned Three or Four Pinocchios and that have been repeated at least 20 times.

It is actually objectively hard to tell if he lies more than your typical politician or is simply more closely reported (which is not to be read as an endorsement in any way).