Dec 07 2019

War, Hmm, Good God! What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing. Let’s say it again.

I hesitate to claim the mantle of those oppressed by visible characteristics, skin color, sex, stuff like that, though I am a member of one of the most despised and smallest minorities on the planet.

I’m an atheist.

I’m kind of in the closet, I pass, I’m not in your face all the time about how I think you’re a moron even though I do. I’m not there on the front lines fighting for Atheist Rights (whatever those would be, I’m mostly content to be ignored and if I feel the need for media representation of people like me I can identify with I can always catch a re-run of Big Bang Theory) and were I quizzed I’d say something meaningless like “I’m Buddhist.” which isn’t an answer at all really, just a description of your fitness routine.

Still I find the insistence of others, most very poor examples of the faith they pretend to espouse, particularly grating during my SAD period and I apologize in advance if I seem more sympathetic to “Bah. Humbug.” than “Bless us, everyone.”

Oh, and while I don’t shun gifts I find myself after Cyber Monday shorn of immediate desires. Don’t send me fruit cake, I’ll only use it to line the bunker; consider instead your own needs and those of others in your life.