Jan 18 2020


Or rather a Cartnoon/House hybrid.

Doctor! Are you not aware of the prophecy the Hybrid will destroy Galifrey?

I am totally aware and I’m not the Doctor.

Sundays on BBC if you care.

Anyway, my appreciation of Tom Lehrer (91 and quite alive) comes straight from Richard who thought he was as funny as a crutch and would sing Fight Fiercely Harvard to me, I suppose as encouragement (applied, they went another direction which is just as well as I would have hated it).

He had all the albums and I’m familiar with most of the songs although sometimes I misremember the lyrics which are tricky. It’s kind of like having an affinity for Spike Jonze, Frank Zappa, or Al Yankovic except of course Tom Lehrer is even geekier since he sings about things like obscure 19th Century Russian Mathematicians and the Periodic Table of Elements.

Now he may not be your cup of tea but as he puts it, “I could always make $3000 a year teaching.”