Jan 26 2020

The Manchester Union Leader

Well, I could have told you they wouldn’t endorse Sanders or Warren.

First of all, New Hampshire has always hated Massachusetts because they have Crimean ambitions that the Seizure of Cape Cod will increase their warm water ports (New Hampshire has a scant 18 miles of coastline) and they wouldn’t let them expand North over the Piscataqua River into Maine (at the time a disconnected part of Massachusetts).

Likewise there are still a lot of hard feelings about that Vermont thing. New Hampshire was the first state to organize an Independent government separate from Britain, kind of unfair to have the 14th state carved out of it right after the Revolution. Connecticut held on to the Western Reserve (which includes the Land of Cleves and Youngstown) until 1800 and only gave it up after having sold it to a group of suckers from Suffield (yes, we fleece our own) and the Pennamite War with Pennsylvania (They didn’t teach you that? You are under educated.). Virginia made bad choices in the War for Race Slavery.

Manchester is the largest “city” in the State and is part of a Nashua-Manchester Metro Area where the driving economic engine is tax disparity with nearby Massachusetts.

Live Free or Die. Did I mention they hate Massachusetts?

Anyway, the Union Leader has the largest circulation of any newspaper in New Hampshire but that’s not saying much. Practically every town of notice has their own daily or weekly and they’re far more widely read in their location than the Leader is.

Concord, the State Capitol, is at the Western edge of “Manchester Metro” (I’m sorry, I live Tri-State, no big deal to get to The City) and they have their own paper, The Monitor, which is a little more like the Times or Boston Globe than the New York Post. It’s also circulated statewide and the “National” publications I mentioned are universally available and popular.

Since the Leader is rabidly Republican and Conservative, it is unsurprising they have chosen to endorse Amy Klobuchar, one of the most conservative and non threatening Democrats in the Field.

Warren? Sanders? Too Left. And we hate them anyway. Buttigieg? Too Gay.

Well why not Biden? He’s a villain, read the paper (and he is you know, all that Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid stuff is true). We’re going to thrash him in 2020 and he is our preferred opponent for whom we have spent 4 years preparing but too is hot to handle at the moment.

Why not… why not pick the lowest polling most Conservative “Democrat” standing?

I congratulate you on your endorsement.

As a side note: I am finalizing arrangements to transfer operations to North Lake. Expect coverage similar to the Mint 400 where, after you watch them take off in a large cloud of dust and see several smaller dust clouds spin by, you realize that it’s hopeless in person and go back to watch it on TV.