Apr 02 2020


I am given to understand that Diabetes is a risk factor.

It’s no joke. I’ve known several people who were extremely Diabetic, I wonder how many are still alive since some of them were not very particular about their blood sugar. That’s really important, I’ve seen people pass out and it’s scary because there’s not much you can do besides call an Ambulance and hard to tell if they need sugar or Insulin.

Or at least it is for me. Not a Doctor.

Not a problem I have and I say that because I was tested in relation to my treatment for Macular Degeneration (it can be a cause). Oh, did I mention I was going blind? The good news is not anymore (Top 5% in Recovery but I bet they say that to everybody to encourage them) though it does involve letting the Doctor stick a needle in your eye fully awake with no anesthesia (this is really freaky and I don’t recommend it).