May 14 2020


In the Summer I like to travel, starting around 3 weeks ago, and among my greatest frustrations is that the current situation may prevent even the briefest of journeys. North Lake and By The Sea might not be possible, even though they’re Gilmore.

My Brother tested negative (he went to Griffin which is near where his Girlfriend lives) but the “Instant” tests (some of them) miss 30% of the positives that can be detected by tests that take longer to process.

Still, it’s reassuring. Next door neighbors got cleared too. Me? I have no idea. My seasonal allergies mask any real symptoms (still waiting on my Oximeter) but I can still smell, don’t feel particularly feverish, and don’t have Corona Toe or Red Racoon Eye, so I suppose that’s something. Aches and Pains? I start at 3 (120+, I’m surprised I can move at all) and 10 is passed out. Nothing unusual.

There are places I could go, Georgia for instance would be happy to have me, but I’m disinclined at the moment. Here are some places you didn’t miss before and are therefore unlikely to regret your inability to visit now.