Jun 15 2020

Yeah, this is why I use a pseudonym.

I’m kinda Internet proof. If you use my real name, the first hundred or so matches?

Well, they’re not me.

Under ek I’m not as famous as I was when I was resident at the orange insane asylum run by the Bösendorfer idiot (and I’m not kidding at all when I say I also own one and made him a generous offer, lock, stock, and barrel) and no longer out-Google my Sparks and Cliffs Notes and you know something?

I’m actually much happier. My Therapist agrees.

I’ve been acting since before I read Double Star (Imposter Syndrome, ask Michelle) and I’ve basically been wearing a physical disguise for over a decade though all I really need is a pebble in my shoe. I must say the ability to run around with a bandana like the Frito Bandito without arousing comment is amazingly liberating.

I hope it remains a custom because only something like that is going to thwart this intrusive technology.