Aug 02 2020

No Sports?

Take some $100 bills or better yet some $10,000 1 Year Ts and tear them up while standing in a Cold Salt Water Shower in a City Grid sucking Tanning Bed for a couple of hours.

That’s the Home Version losers get as a consolation prize.

Ever since Dennis Connor became the first loser and unfortunately for you John Herod, all the fights are “fair”- meaning if you have the whitest shoe lawyers find a loophole you can get away with murder like having turn on a dime hydrofoils.

By the time actual racing rolls around hopefully Corona won’t be such a problem and I’m given to understand Aukland (hard to get into at the moment because we are lepers) is a ton of fun at Cup time and not just because all the toilets flush backwards.

Nah mate. It’s the killer accent and the fact there are more boats than cars and more sheep than people.

What used to be called the Louis Vuitton Challenger’s Cup and is now name righted Prada because the Devil you know. These are the 35 meter half size versions and what you can tell about future performance in New Zealand after a month of testing in the Bermuda is Bermudans are remarkably tolerant and desperate for Tourist dollars.

It’s a White Person Problem. I spent a month debating floating my Sailfish with the Ratsey/Lapthorn canvas and decided it was too hard and I needed a dupe willing partner to help me.

Should have that solved by the time I need to take it across the straight to Campobello.