Dec 01 2020

Last Night Today

This is a round up of the previous night’s late night talk show host’s opening monologues and highlight segments, because we need a good laugh to get through the rest of the evening.

The Thanksgiving holiday break is over and most of the usual late night suspects are back. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen continues his conversation with former President Barack Obama.

Stephen Kicks Off A Late Show’s Obama-Rama Extravagama With A Special Obamalogue

Stephen Colbert’s sit-down interview with President Barack Obama was so epic, so action-packed, that it couldn’t fit into just one episode. Join Stephen as he introduces part two of his chat with the author of the best-selling book “A Promised Land” and stick around for this entire episode as President Obama touches on the challenges facing President-elect Biden, reflects on military actions taken during his tenure in office, and shares his secrets for staying grounded in trying times.

Trevor Noah reviews the not-so important headlines of the holiday weekend on The Daily Show.

Biden Breaks His Foot & SantaCon Gets Canceled

Mike Tyson fights Roy Jones Jr., Jake Paul knocks out Nate Robinson, America’s new president is already broken, and the coronavirus cancels SantaCon.

Jimmy Kimmel Live also looked at the weekend’s events on day 21 f #Squatergate.

Trump Throws Tantrum from Tiny Desk

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a little different this year, the five-year-old daughter of one of our producers ordered something crazy on Amazon by herself using their Alexa, Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. returned to the ring for a big fight, the Denver Broncos played without a quarterback on Sunday, President Elect Joe Biden injured his foot while playing with his dog, and Donald Trump spent his Thanksgiving yelling and screaming from behind a little baby desk, gave his first post-election interview, and Melania is putting her be best foot forward to celebrate Christmas at the White House.

The Late, Late Show with James Corden revisits his favorite monologues of the November 23rd week.

Thanksgiving Week 2020 – Corden Catch-Up

Some of our favorite monologue moments from the week of November 23rd, including what arguments to expect at Thanksgiving (masks), a bald-people-only dating app, and President Trump agrees with Randy Quaid on too many things.