Dec 25 2020

Have a deviant ek’s mas

Posted by ek hornbeck on 12/25/2019. Re-posrted by TMC for ek

The Season’s Upon Us

Hail Santa

I am Santa Claus

Christmas At Ground Zero

The Egg Nog Song

Merry Christmas Everybody

Turn Left alternate Universe. Last Christmas, other appearances. Popular across the pond I’m given to understand.

A Triumph Family Seasonal Special

Office Party

You’ll need that light Johnny, for your crane shot.

Did we have a rant this week? I forget.

Well, that ought to isolate you from your family for at least an hour and I’m not a miracle worker though it comes pretty close and I’m thinking about petitioning Francis “God still loves us all, even the worst of us” for Beatification but maybe not since I’m not so big on that whole forgiveness thing.

Ho, Ho, Humbug.