Late Night Today

Late Night Today is for our readers who can’t stay awake to watch the shows. Everyone deserves a good laugh.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Here’s John Cena’s Full Apology To China

Really? The Dalai Lama? Wow.

No. 45 Sweats As Cable News Speculates About Criminal Charges And A Flipping CFO

News that a grand jury will convene to examine evidence related to the former president set off waves of speculation on cable news, must of it focused on the organization’s CFO who is thought to be cooperating with investigators.

Kente Cloth Tries To Stop Pelosi’s Latest Gaffe

Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the bizarre decision to stroke the hair of George Floyd’s daughter and her old Kente Cloth returns to try and stop her.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

What The F**k Are NFTs? How Can Dogecoin Take Us To The Moon?

Is any of it worth your time and money? Here’s everything you need to know about NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Vaccination Passports and Mask Mandates to the Holocaust

Prosecutor in Trump Case Convenes Grand Jury to Consider Indictments: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the prosecutor in the criminal investigation of Donald Trump’s business dealings convening a grand jury that could decide whether to indict Trump or executives at his company.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Trump Could Face Prison, QAnon’s UFO Conspiracy & Bigfoot’s Message for Crazy People

Something magical happened in the sky last night when a super/blood moon appeared, the walls are closing in around Donald Trump after the Manhattan district attorney has convened a grand jury, internet chatter about Trump has reach a five-year low and his team is resorting to desperate measures, the QAnon crowd believes that all the recent talk of UFOs is a deep state conspiracy to distract us from voter fraud, Bigfoot barges into the studio with something important to say, and Yehya reviews A Quiet Place Part II.