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AP’s Today in History for June 26th

President John F. Kennedy rallies West Berlin during the Cold War; The U.N. Charter signed; Scientists complete first rough map of the human genetic code; Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Gold Rush’ premieres.

Breakfast Tune The Dream Show 2022: Rhiannon Giddens—At the Purchaser’s Option (with Francesco Turrisi)

Grammy Award-winner Rhiannon Giddens has long lifted forgotten Black voices in American music. Her research and performance of slave songs have brought us powerful stories today. Her interpretation of wide-ranging music from other cultures shows us just how close we all are.

Here’s one of her stunning originals, the tragic and defiant anthem “At the Purchaser’s Option,” performed alongside her partner Francesco Turrisi.

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Anti-Abortion Advocate Excitedly Switches Focus To Shaming Young Unwed Mothers

The Onion

DALLAS—In the wake of the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, local anti-abortion advocate Mary Firkins, 54, excitedly announced Friday that she would now switch her full-time attention to the shaming of young unwed mothers. “It’s been very rewarding these past few decades to value the lives of fetuses over those of the women carrying them, but now I can finally focus all my energy on the whores who get pregnant out of wedlock,” said Firkins, giddily crossing out the names of abortion providers and pharmacists on the envelopes that contained her menacing letters and bomb threats and filling in the names of single mothers-to-be. “I’ve always wanted to remind these irresponsible sluts that it’s all their fault—and I certainly have, on occasion—but I’ve been so focused on saving the unborn that I’ve never had enough time to really get up in their faces and rub it in. The resentment has been piling up for decades, and it’s going to feel so good to let it all out by screaming at young women for having premarital sex, consensual or not. Our hard work has paid off, and it’s time to have some fun!” At press time, Firkins was overheard expressing gratitude for how many more young unwed mothers the court’s ruling would create for her to terrorize.