Six In The Morning Thursday 26 October 2023

‘Armed and dangerous’ suspect still at large as 18 killed in Maine shooting


  1. The suspect in shootings that killed 18 people in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night remains at large
  2. Police earlier named Robert Card, 40, as a person of interest, saying he is “armed and dangerous”
  3. State Governor Janet Mills warns the public not to approach the suspect
  4. Lewiston, a city of about 38,000, is on lockdown – businesses have been told to close and people to stay at home
  5. Officers have widened the “shelter in place” order to include nearby Bowdoin, Auburn and Lisbon
  6. Police responded to reports at two locations – a restaurant and a bowling alley
  7. A mother, who was at the bowling alley, says she lay on top of her 11-year-old daughter to protect her

What we learned from that news conference

In the last few minutes, officials in Maine – including state governor Janet Mills and the FBI’s Jodi Cohen – gave the the world’s media an update after shootings in the city of Lewiston left multiple people dead.

Here’s what they said:

  • Eighteen people were killed and another 13 injured – seven died at a bowling alley and eight at a restaurant, a further three people died in hospital
  • Eight of the victims have been identified, and their families informed, but 10 remain unidentified
  • An arrest warrant has been issued for 40-year-old Robert Card, the suspected gunman, who remains on the loose. So far he’s wanted for eight counts of murder – that number will likely rise to 18 when the remaining 10 victims are identified
  • Police received their first 911 call about the shooting at 18:56 local time (23:56 GMT) on Wednesday – further calls were received 12 minutes later
  • Maine has been offered police and security support from neighbouring states, and President Joe Biden has personally spoken to Mill to offer the White House’s help and support

Dozens of fires rage across NSW and Queensland but deadly Tara blaze nearly contained

Authorities warn of ‘extreme fire danger’ as 60 fires burn in Queensland and 110 in New South Wales

Firefighters battled more than 150 blazes across Queensland and New South Wales on Thursday afternoon, with authorities blaming lightning strikes and difficult weather conditions.

A ferocious fire that claimed two lives and destroyed 16 homes in southern Queensland is now set to be contained, but authorities are still wary of “extreme fire danger” with 60 fires burning across the state.

In New South Wales, more than 1,000 personnel have been deployed to the state’s north to respond to major bushfires across multiple regions. There were 110 fires across the state on Thursday afternoon, with 55 yet to be contained.

Pakistan sets up deportation centers for illegal migrants

Pakistan has issued a final warning to all illegal immigrants to leave the country voluntarily before a November 1 deadline. Deportation centers are already being set up to detain those who remain past the deadline.

Pakistan has finalized a plan to deport all illegal immigrants, including an estimated 1.7 million Afghans, by November 1, officials said on Thursday.

“It is a challenging task,” caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti told a news conference in Islamabad, adding that Pakistan was determined to remove all illegal immigrants.

“All the illegal immigrants have been identified. The state has a complete data,” said Bugti. “I want to appeal one more time that all the illegal immigrants should leave voluntarily by the deadline.”

Islamabad announced the deportation of the undocumented immigrants in October.

According to Bugti, there will be no deadline extension. He also said that action would be taken against anyone involved in helping or hiding the immigrants

‘Time bomb’: Tree-killing bugs threaten France’s lush forests

 Last year, ferocious wildfires destroyed thousands of hectares of one of France’s most picturesque forests.


Now French authorities are battling an invasion of beetles that are devouring the weakened pines of La Teste-de-Buch, in the southwestern region of Gironde.

“The year 2023 is as cruel and dramatic as the wildfires,” said Matthieu Cabaussel, one of the trustees managing the private forest of La Teste-de-Buch. “It’s a double punishment.”

The stenographer bark beetle, a brown, airborne insect measuring half-a-centimetre, primarily attacks pines damaged by fire or storm.

The parasite lays its eggs in the bark, and when these hatch, the larvae tunnel down into the trunk of the tree until it dies.

Where 250-year-old maritime pines once stood, machines now hum as workers fell, prune, saw and evacuate trees infested with parasites.


S Korea, U.S. and Japan condemn N Korea’s alleged supply of munitions to Russia



South Korea, the U.S. and Japan strongly condemned what they call North Korea’s supply of munitions and military equipment to Russia, saying Thursday that such weapons shipments sharply increase the human toll of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

A joint statement by the top diplomats of South Korea, the U.S. and Japan came days after Russia’s foreign minister scoffed at a recent U.S. claim that his country received munitions from North Korea, saying that Washington has failed to prove the allegation.

“We will continue to work together with the international community to expose Russia’s attempts to acquire military equipment from (North Korea),” said the joint statement by South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa.


‘Everything is destroyed’: Civilians trickle out of Avdiivka as Russian assault leaves Ukrainian town in ruins


A Ukrainian police officer inspects a half-destroyed building when, suddenly, he rushes to the ground, ducking for cover.

“Incoming,” he shouts to his partner, in body camera video seen by CNN, as a shell lands nearby. “There will be more.”

There’s little to police these days in Avdiivka as most of the people who used to live in this frontline city are gone. But some 1,600 have remained, and this unit — the White Angels — are there to evacuate them to safety.