Oct 06 2012

2012 AL Division Series- As at Tigers, Game 1

Well, what do we know about the As and the Tigers?

The first thing I know is that tomorrow’s Game 2 @ noon Sunday will only be carried on MLB Network which is kind of a drag if you don’t get it.  Unfortunately I do (no rest for the wicked) so I’ll be covering the game which I hope Richard appreciates because I’m not the Tigers fan he is.

And there’s another thing you may not know- Emily, though born and raised in the heart of Tigers territory, is a member of the Borg Yankee collective (resistance is futile) and has hardly any interest in the Striped Ones but can tell you what CC Sabathia had for breakfast (seldom Frosted Flakes) and how he pitches after eating it.

Richard is from God’s Brewer’s Country, however since he started slumming under the bridge he has picked up an inexplicable taste for sugar coated corn.

I know less than that about the As except that their remarkable comeback (along with a ’69 Cubs-like fold) sent the Rangers to their doom last night against the Orioles.  Still, what’s not to like about a team that does the Bernie Lean?

Well, there is that whole police riot crackdown on Occupy, but let’s see if it gets that far.

If you have not yet acquired a rooting interest I recommend this short and funny piece in The New Yorker by Ian Crouch.


Well, the big news was the MLBN discovery.  Perhaps I shall find a video or audio feed to include so you’re not entirely reliant on my commentary.  Today in addition to the usual sports overload I have family obligations that may make me scarce during the first few innings.

TMC is likewise engaged, but as we frequently point out it’s up to you to make your own fun.

Tonight’s second game is Reds @ Giants at 9:30 pm on TBS.  Also tonight is Formula One Suzuka where you’ll want to tune in at 1:30 am to make sure I got all the grid penalties right.

Tomorrow in addition to the As/Tigers match up at noon we will have Nats @ Cardinals at 3 pm, Yankees @ Orioles at 6 pm, and Reds @ Giants at 9:30 pm.  They’re all on TBS so I suppose that if we have delays or extra innings they’ll swap over the new game to TNT as they did at the end of the Cards/Braves, beginning of the Orioles/Rangers games last night.

Oddly enough, both were won by the visitors.


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    Prince Fielder hits a sky-high pop up that Pennington manages to run down to end the inning.  

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    Reddick out at 2nd

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    Hit on the hand. Ouch

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    1 runner on 1st. No outs

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    may be effecting his pitching

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    That’s a lot.

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    Right now there’s nobody better than Verlander.

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    on ESPN Radio and NYT Sport News Live Scoreboard

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    Can be followed on ESPN Radio Live and at the NYT Live MLB Scoreboard

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