Oct 07 2012

2012 NL Division Series- Nats at Cardinals, Game 1

Hmm… let’s see if I can explain that Infield Fly Rule to you.

The infield fly rule is a rule in baseball intended to prevent infielders from intentionally dropping pop-ups in order to turn double plays (or triple plays). Without this rule, a defense could easily turn a pop fly into a double play when there are runners at first and second base.

Back in the days when you sharpened your own spikes for a ‘friendly game’ what would happen a lot is the fielder would drop an easily catchable fly so they could get a force play on the lead runner and fire off a throw to the next base for additional outs they wouldn’t get if they had simply caught the ball and put only the hitter out.

From the moment the call is made the hitter is out and runners are free to tag and advance and indeed should the batter be hit by a throw intended to double up a runner returning to tag it’s interference and an additional out can be called.

Now it was always basically impossible for the Braves to win an appeal because the rule is by definition unappealable (“this call can not be reversed on appeal”) but they did so anyway based on the interpretations of easy and routine (the ball was dropped after all, and it was well into the Outfield though still being played by the Infielder) and timeliness (and no, it wasn’t at all timely).

If, however, the call had not been made it still would have been a 4 – 2 game with the bases loaded and 2 out.  In other words the Braves would have been just as likely to lose so this was not a ‘game changing’ call.

But die hard Braves fans are free to root for the Nationals because of the injustice of it all.  The sad fact for the Cardinals is that they hardly need your help.

The Nats were the best team in the regular season this year and are the favorites in any matchup right through to the World Series.  I hate them because they play in the same League and Division as my Mets and they represent a town so shamelessly corrupt and stupid that it makes one long for the days of Lot and divine wrath.

So yeah, I got squirrels in my pants, the Nats can’t go home soon enough to suit me even if they are really the Expos.

Today’s pitching matchup is Adam Wainwright (14 – 13, 3.94) against the Nats Gio Gonzalez (21 – 8, 2.89 ERA).

The Cards have a better hitting lineup by average, but the Nats have more Home Runs.  On the other hand the Cardinals have 5 players with over 20 Homers and tons of Playoff experience for whatever that’s worth.  They will be hurt most by the fact Lohse will only be available once.


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  1. ek hornbeck
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  4. TMC

    I see extra innings

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  12. TMC
  13. ek hornbeck
  14. ek hornbeck
  15. ek hornbeck

    3rd walk overall.

    Hasn’t thrown a first pitch strike yet.

  16. ek hornbeck
  17. ek hornbeck
  18. ek hornbeck

    5 is his season high.

  19. ek hornbeck

    Gonzales sucks after 6 days of rest.

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    7 for Gonzalez in the game.

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  39. ek hornbeck

    May start Yankees/Orioles on TNT @ 6:15 if the game is not concluded (and it doesn’t look like it will be).

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  45. ek hornbeck

    Good thing I waited on that diary.

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