Jan 13 2013

Divisional Playoff Throwball: Packers @ ‘9ers

91 – 21.

No, that’s not the score of last week’s Packers/Vikings game, it’s the number of fans ejected and arrested, far ahead of their average performance of 18.4 and 5.5 a game.

The Packers looked better than average on the field also, dominating most of the game except for a late 4th Quarter score in a 24 – 10 victory.

Aaron Rogers is not the only Packer getting healthier just in time for the post season so their contest against the ‘9ers could be more interesting than people expect, though in fairness the ‘9ers are a mere 2.5 point favorite and that because of home field advantage.

As opposed to the AFC, the NFC is a tough pick, almost any team could win.

The ‘9ers can’t count on a 30 – 22 romp like they got in Week 1 and their defense is playing injured.  Justin Smith’s triceps is definitely questionable and they are much less effective without him.  Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a mid-season replacement so who knows, though his scrambling style is something the Packers have had trouble dealing with in other teams.  Both kickers have the potential to suck but the ‘9ers signed Billy Cundiff during their bye week so they have a replacement even though the still slumping Akers will start.

The ‘9ers are not a bad team, there’s nothing much to hate about them and I’m going to be disappointed to miss this game.

But I hope the Packers win.  What about

The Packers are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States.

are we not understanding?


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  1. BobbyK
  2. BobbyK
  3. BobbyK
  4. BobbyK

    We race.

  5. BobbyK

    then they get intercepted by the pack! TD pack!

  6. BobbyK

    12:48 left in first. 7 zip pack.

  7. BobbyK

    9 min left in first

  8. BobbyK
  9. BobbyK
  10. BobbyK
  11. BobbyK

    Pack starts at 20. 3 left in first

  12. BobbyK

    Harris runs for TD.

  13. BobbyK

    9rs start at 20.

  14. BobbyK

    recovered by 9rs inside the 10

  15. BobbyK
  16. BobbyK

    Pack starts at 6

  17. BobbyK
  18. BobbyK
  19. BobbyK

    5:26 left in half.

  20. BobbyK
  21. BobbyK

    Just over 3 minutes left.

  22. BobbyK

    Tied up at 21. 2.5 left in half.

  23. BobbyK
  24. BobbyK
  25. BobbyK
  26. BobbyK
  27. BobbyK
  28. BobbyK

    24-21 9rs.

  29. BobbyK
  30. BobbyK
  31. BobbyK
  32. BobbyK
  33. BobbyK
  34. BobbyK
  35. BobbyK

    This time I’m not taking my rally cheese cap off till they’re ahead.

  36. BobbyK

    31-24 9rs.

  37. BobbyK
  38. BobbyK

    5 Min left in 3rd. 9rs start from 7.

  39. BobbyK
  40. BobbyK
  41. BobbyK

    5yd run. 38-24 9rs.

  42. BobbyK

    At least this time they pick it up. Start at 11.

  43. BobbyK
  44. BobbyK

    put the Green Bay D on it’s heels.

  45. BobbyK

    3:44 left in game.

  46. BobbyK
  47. BobbyK

    Onside kick attempt next.

  48. BobbyK
  49. BobbyK
  50. TMC

    but the 49er’s uniform is pretty spiffy

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