Feb 03 2013

Puppy Bowl IX

In addition to exercising my roman numeral skillz this off beat event has become more and more popular the longer I’ve blogged it.

Call it the ek bump.

Here is a link to past Bissell Kitty Halftime shows and if that Aw factor is not enough- live kitten cam.

They now have an embeddable puppy cam too-

And, this page of Puppy Bowl whores and highlights which may (or may not) run a live feed.  Or you can try the Animal Planet main page.

And, to prove how scandalously mainstream I’ve become-

TheMomCat’s live feed link.


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  1. ek hornbeck
  2. TMC

    Nala and her older brother, didn’t catch his name

  3. ek hornbeck

    continuous repeats until 10 am tomorrow.

  4. ek hornbeck
  5. TMC
  6. ek hornbeck
  7. TMC

    or they don’t carry Animal Planet (booo! hsssssssssss! Un American not to carry AP), here’s the link to the Biggest Game om All Fours

  8. TMC
  9. TMC
  10. ek hornbeck

    Home run!

  11. TMC
  12. TMC
  13. TMC
  14. BobbyK

    for using the NFL theme music?

    Do you suppose they have the express written consent for alternative programing?

  15. TMC
  16. BobbyK
  17. BobbyK

    that stopped running the shelter dog commercials because the pure bread folks thought it was too depressing?

  18. ek hornbeck

    Dot Com

  19. ek hornbeck


  20. TMC
  21. TMC
  22. BobbyK
  23. BobbyK

    wants to run for congress.

  24. BobbyK


  25. TMC

    you can see all the pups and vote for the most valuable player here

  26. BobbyK

    Ernie Brown, Jr.

  27. TMC

    The best, it’s crap pet food. We won;t even feed to to the horses

  28. BobbyK
  29. BobbyK
  30. TMC
  31. BobbyK

    enough to challenge them in nielsen ratings.

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