Nov 03 2010

Obama and Reid: Still Can’t Commit on DADT Repeal

While President Obama says that he supports repealing DADT, he will not tell the lame duck Congress to do it:

   OBAMA: “There’s going be a review that comes out at the beginning of the month that will have a surveyed attitudes and opinions within the armed forces. I will expect that Secretary of Defense Gates and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullen, will have something to say about that review. I will look at it very carefully. But that will give us time to act in potentially during the lame duck session to change this policy. Keep in mind we got a bunch of court cases that are out there as well. And something that would be very disruptive to good order and good discipline and unit cohesion is, if we got this issue bouncing around on the courts as it already has over the last several weeks, where the Pentagon and the chain of command doesn’t know at any given time what rules they’re working under. We need to provide certainty and it’s time for us to move this policy forward, and this should not be a partisan issue.

This is why voters threw out the blue dogs. Keep missing the message, Mr. President.

h/t Wonk Room @ Think Progress


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  1. TMC
  2. TMC

    From John Aravosis @ AMERICAblog Gay

    Percent of gay voters who voted Democratic in House races:

     2006 House races: 75%

       2008 House races: 80%

       2010 House races: 68%

    The best comparison is from one mid-term election to the next mid-term election, since turn out is usually lower in the off years.

  3. TMC

    Kolakowski wins race for Alameda County Superior Court judge

    OAKLAND — Alameda County has become home to the first transgender trial judge in the country as Victoria Kolakowski won the race to fill an empty seat on the county’s Superior Court bench. . . .

    Kolakowski won a primary in June and campaigned on a platform of being the first transgender judge in the state and bringing change to a bench that, she argued, was too overloaded with white males.

    Heh. She won against the guy who was backed by 80% of the those white males.


  4. BobbyK

    to see the questionnaire. I can only imagine the homophobe questions.

    As if they surveyed the armed forces before integration.

    If someone is so afraid of serving with gays that they can’t follow orders and do their job, they shouldn’t be in our armed services. Bigots are an embarrassment to the country.  

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