Nov 05 2010

Evening Edition

Evening Edition is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Suicide attack at Pakistan mosque kills 61

by Lehaz Ali, AFP

1 hr 3 mins ago

AKHURWALL, Pakistan (AFP) – A suicide bomber destroyed a Pakistani mosque on Friday, killing 61 people during the main weekly prayers and leaving body parts under a collapsed roof and pulverised rubble.

The deadliest attack in two months in the country on the front line of the US-led war on Al-Qaeda was followed by a grenade assault on a second mosque in the same area which killed at least three.

Dozens of people were critically wounded and officials fear the toll from both attacks could rise.

2 Hundreds of thousands vulnerable as Tomas lashes Haiti

by Clarens Renois, AFP

36 mins ago

PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP) – Hurricane Tomas lashed Haiti with fierce winds and rain Friday, leaving three people dead in flooding and threatening hundreds of thousands people hunkered down in flimsy canvas tent camps.

Although officials had urged mass evacuations, with the risk of mudslides and flooding from torrential downpours, many clung to their make-shift homes and their few prized possessions as they had no where else to go.

The American Red Cross reported that the tents and tarps that provide flimsy shelter to many in in Port-au-Prince appeared to have weathered the storm, thanks to disaster preparedness efforts.

3 Haitians urged to evacuate tent cities as storm comes

by Clarens Renois, AFP

Thu Nov 4, 7:11 pm ET

CORAIL-CESSELESSE, Haiti (AFP) – Haitian leaders urged many displaced in tent cities to evacuate Thursday as a deadly storm bore down on the quake-hit Caribbean nation, but thousands clung to their makeshift homes.

“My sisters and brothers, leave the zones that are at risk, I beg of you,” Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said in a television address, flanked by his cabinet ministers.

“There will be rain and wind throughout the country. Don’t be stubborn. Leave if you are in a fragile shelter,” he said.

4 China leads criticism of US Fed policy move


Fri Nov 5, 12:40 pm ET

BRUSSELS (AFP) – A Federal Reserve decison to pump more cash into the struggling US economy got a chilly reception Friday from global economic powerhouses, where officials doubted its usefulness and warned it could even spark a fresh crisis.

China, Germany, Brazil and France all voiced reservations about the move, in which the Fed plans to inject another 600 billion dollars (422.5 billion euros) into the economy.

Through a process known as quantitative easing, the Fed will buy up US Treasury securities in a bid to get more cash into the hands of companies and consumers by making long-term borrowing cheaper.

5 US stimulus rings Asian alarm bells

by Danny McCord, AFP

Fri Nov 5, 8:23 am ET

HONG KONG (AFP) – China on Friday led an Asian backlash against measures by the United States to kickstart economy recovery, which have stoked concerns that a flood of loose money could destabilise regional economies.

The Federal Reserve said Wednesday it would pump 600 billion dollars into the economy through debt purchases — effectively printing money — to boost employment and growth.

But Asian nations fear the effects of extra cash pumping through the financial system — as traders seek a better return on their dollar than they would get in the West.

6 Obama hunts jobs in Asia mission

by Tangi Quemener, AFP

1 hr 2 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President Barack Obama left for Asia on Friday on a mission to pry open markets to ease the US unemployment crisis, even as new data showed a spurt in job creation — too late to save his Democrats in mid-term elections.

The Labor Department reported that 151,000 nonfarm jobs were created in October, much better than expected, adding the first jobs since May although the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.6 percent for the third month.

Obama called the figures encouraging, but reiterated that more needed to be done as he left for Asia just days after Republicans romped home in mid-term elections to retake control of the House of Representatives.

7 Obama leaves US election wreckage for Asia

by Stephen Collinson

Fri Nov 5, 12:55 pm ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President Barack Obama on Friday left Washington and the wreckage of his Democratic Party’s election hammering for the refuge of foreign policy, setting off on a nine-day odyssey to Asia.

Obama, along with his wife Michelle, boarded his plane at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington and headed to India with a brief refueling stop at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.

The trip will force Obama to suspend temporarily the early political positioning made necessary by the Republican seizure of the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s elections.

8 England can end All Black losing streak: Johnson


1 hr 51 mins ago

LONDON (AFP) – Martin Johnson believes England will have to produce the best performance of his reign if they are to have any chance of ending their seven-year losing streak against the All Blacks.

England go into Saturday’s showdown at Twickenham knowing that they have lost eight matches on the trot to New Zealand since scoring a famously hard-fought 2003 victory in the wind and rain of Wellington.

That win was one of only six victories by England over the All Blacks in 105 years, a daunting tally that few pundits expect to be improved this weekend.

9 Georgia ‘busts Russian spy ring’, outrages Moscow

by Michael Mainville, AFP

11:51 am ET

TBILISI (AFP) – Georgia said Friday it had dismantled a major spy ring for Russia and arrested 13 suspects including four Russian citizens, outraging Moscow two years after the ex-Soviet foes fought a brief war.

Georgian interior ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili said the suspects, who included Georgian military officers, had been providing secret information on Georgia’s military to the Russian military’s foreign intelligence service, the GRU.

He said the ring had been smashed in a cloak-and-dagger operation that saw Georgian security services infiltrate the GRU through a former Soviet army officer working as a double agent and top secret Russian military codes broken.

10 Engine problems hit second Qantas aircraft

By Vivek Prakash and Michael Perry, Reuters

57 mins ago

SINGAPORE/SYDNEY (Reuters) – Engine trouble forced a Qantas Airways Ltd jet to make an emergency landing in Singapore on Friday, less than 48 hours after another of the Australian carrier’s aircraft had to land prematurely because its engine blew up.

The Sydney-bound Boeing 747-400 aircraft, with 412 people on board, returned to the airport 20 minutes after takeoff due to “an issue with one of its engines,” Qantas Airways Ltd said in a statement.

That came a day after a Qantas Airbus A380 jet was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its four Rolls-Royce Plc engines appeared to break apart in flight, scattering debris over an Indonesian island.

11 Qantas says A380 engine failure may be "design issue"

By Michael Perry and Victoria Thieberger, Reuters

Fri Nov 5, 12:00 pm ET

SYDNEY/MELBOURNE (Reuters) – A faulty part or design issue may have caused the severe damage to an engine that forced a Qantas Airways Airbus A380 to make an emergency landing in Singapore, Qantas’s boss said on Friday.

Separately, a European Union air safety body confirmed it told airlines in August to make checks after finding “wear, beyond engine manual limits” on the type of Rolls-Royce engines fitted to the Qantas jet and some other A380s.

And less than 48 hours after the A380 incident, a Qantas Boeing 747 flying the same Sydney route returned to Singapore, also as a result of engine trouble.

12 EU watchdog flagged Rolls-Royce engine issue in Aug

By Rhys Jones and Maria Sheahan, Reuters

Fri Nov 5, 11:55 am ET

LONDON/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – A European aviation regulator flagged in August potential problems with the type of Rolls-Royce engine that blew apart on Thursday’s Qantas Airways A380 flight.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) told airlines in an August 4 directive to conduct additional checks on the Trent 900 after it found “wear, beyond engine manual limits” on certain parts, which “present a potential unsafe condition to the aeroplane.”

The news puts the spotlight firmly onto Rolls-Royce, which makes Trent 900 engines used on the Sydney-bound flight which was forced to return to Singapore after the incident.

13 Detritus of old GM hits auction block ahead of IPO

By Deepa Seetharaman, Reuters

Fri Nov 5, 10:50 am ET

PONTIAC, Michigan (Reuters) – Among the abandoned robots and industrial equipment strewn about a cavernous truck assembly plant here, Tom Dilworth mused about what brought General Motors Co to its knees last year.

“What we have here,” Dilworth, 58, concluded, “is a failure to compete.”

As a restructured General Motors races ahead with its landmark initial public offering, it has taken pains to tell investors that it is a leaner, more nimble company able to edge out rivals in the global auto industry.

14 Bush considered attack on Syrian facility: book

By Steve Holland, Reuters

1 hr 38 mins ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former President George W. Bush says he considered ordering a U.S. military strike against a suspected Syrian nuclear facility at Israel’s request in 2007 but ultimately opted against it.

Israel eventually destroyed the facility, which Syria denied was aimed at developing a nuclear weapons capability.

In his memoir, “Decision Points,” to hit bookstores on Tuesday, Bush wrote that he received an intelligence report about a “suspicious, well-hidden facility in the eastern desert of Syria” that looked similar to a nuclear facility at Yongbyon, North Korea. This prompted suspicions that Syria was trying to develop a weapons program with North Korean help.

15 U.S. defends human rights record at U.N.

By Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters

2 hrs 15 mins ago

GENEVA (Reuters) – The United States defended itself against criticism of its human rights record from friend and foe alike on Friday in a United Nations forum that the former Bush administration had boycotted as hypocritical.

Senior U.S. officials said President Barack Obama’s government had begun “turning the page” on practices of George W. Bush’s administration that had caused global outrage, and denied allegations that the U.S. used torture.

“Let there be no doubt, the United States does not torture and it will not torture,” Harold Hongju Koh, State Department legal adviser, told the council.

16 Obama heads to Asia, hopes to deliver on jobs

By Patricia Zengerle, Reuters

Fri Nov 5, 10:56 am ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama launched a 10-day trip to Asia on Friday aimed at boosting exports and creating U.S. jobs, three days after voters punished his Democrats for stubbornly high unemployment.

Obama, who has said creating jobs is his top priority, received some encouraging news just before he left Washington. The government reported faster-than-expected payroll growth, although the unemployment rate remained steady at 9.6 percent.

Obama called for “putting politics aside” in brief remarks at the White House where he kept up a conciliatory tone with victorious Republicans.

17 White House signals compromise on tax cuts

By Jeff Mason and Richard Cowan, Reuters

Thu Nov 4, 11:01 pm ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A conciliatory White House said on Thursday it was willing to negotiate with Republicans on tax cut extensions, but Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell took a hard line against compromises with President Barack Obama in a new Congress.

In the first possible policy shift since Democrats suffered heavy election losses two days ago, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs signaled Obama was open to talks on a temporary extension for the wealthy of Bush-era tax cuts that expire at the end of the year.

The fight over tax cuts looms as one of the biggest clashes since the election between Obama and Republicans, who will control the House of Representatives in the new Congress that convenes in January.

18 China and Germany belittle U.S. actions before G20

By Zhou Xin and Annika Breidthardt, Reuters

Fri Nov 5, 9:18 am ET

BEIJING/BERLIN, Japan (Reuters) – China rebuffed on Friday a U.S. plan to set limits for trade imbalances and Germany dubbed the Fed’s money-printing policy “clueless,” setting the stage for what could be a fractious G20 summit next week.

Washington believes an undervalued yuan is a major cause of economic imbalances and has pressed Beijing, largely in vain, to let the currency rise more swiftly to reflect the strength of what is now the world’s second-largest economy.

The waters of the debate have been muddied by the Federal Reserve’s decision to buy $600 billion in long-term bonds with new money in an effort to revive the flagging U.S. economy.

19 For doctor pushing lung screening, a vindication

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor, Reuters

Thu Nov 4, 9:16 pm ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Dr. Claudia Henschke was delighted with the news — a trial of 53,000 people had shown that screening smokers and ex-smokers for lung cancer can save lives, something she has been trying to prove for 10 years.

The trial, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and conducted with the utmost care, showed that the three-dimensional X-rays called spiral CT scans reduced deaths from lung cancer by 20 percent over just five years.

It was no surprise to Henschke, who has shown even more profound results in a series of studies. And she says she is not bitter that her data, and her advocacy for screening, have been rejected repeatedly by many other cancer experts.

20 Pelosi will seek to stay as House Dem leader

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press

16 mins ago

WASHINGTON – Despite widespread complaints about massive losses that will put Democrats in the minority, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she will try to stay on as leader of her party in the House.

The decision exposed a rift between Pelosi’s liberal allies and the dwindling number of moderate Democrats, who feel besieged and eager for substantive and symbolic changes in direction after Tuesday’s Republican rout. It also is likely to trigger leadership battles farther down the ladder.

Pelosi, the nation’s first female speaker, said many colleagues urged her to seek the post of minority leader in the new Congress that convenes in January. That will be the Democrats’ top post, because Republicans, who grabbed more than 60 Democratic-held seats Tuesday, will elect the next speaker. It will be John Boehner of Ohio, who will swap titles with Pelosi if she succeeds in her bid.

21 Hurricane Tomas floods quake-shattered Haiti town

By JACOB KUSHNER, Associated Press

23 mins ago

LEOGANE, Haiti – Hurricane Tomas flooded the earthquake-shattered remains of a Haitian town on Friday, forcing families who had already lost their homes in one disaster to flee another. In the country’s capital, quake refugees resisted calls to abandon flimsy tarp and tent camps.

Driving winds and storm surge battered Leogane, a seaside town west of Port-au-Prince that was near the epicenter of the Jan. 12 earthquake and was 90 percent destroyed. Dozens of families in one earthquake-refuge camp carried their belongings through thigh-high water to a taxi post on high ground, waiting out the rest of the storm under blankets and a sign that read “Welcome to Leogane.”

“We got flooded out and we’re just waiting for the storm to pass. There’s nothing we can do,” said Johnny Joseph, a 20-year-old resident.

22 Sharron Angle not likely to flee politics

By CRISTINA SILVA, Associated Press

53 mins ago

LAS VEGAS – Sharron Angle’s tea party revolution came up short in her bid to oust Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but her political career appears far from over. The Nevada Republican who became a national symbol of grassroots conservatism during the midterm elections didn’t act like a politician ready to retire after her loss. Angle urged her followers to keep up the fight and alluded to a return to politics.

“We the people have been awakened over the last 20 months,” she told hundreds of supporters. “We did not awaken to go back to sleep.”

Angle will have plenty of opportunities for a political encore.

23 Polish priest raising world’s largest Jesus statue

By VANESSA GERA, Associated Press

54 mins ago

SWIEBODZIN, Poland – Step aside, Rio de Janeiro. This town is building a Jesus bigger than yours. A Polish priest is on the verge of realizing his dream of erecting what he says will be the world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ in a small town in western Poland.

Attempts were made Friday to complete the statue – which will rise a couple yards higher than the iconic Christ the Redeemer monument in Rio de Janeiro. But heavy winds prevented cranes from lifting the torso, arms and head onto the lower half of the robed white figure.

Workers plan to try again just after sunrise Saturday. Polish media say the project cost 4 million zlotys ($1.45 million). Donations came from across the spectrum – from business people to poor people wanting to make a contribution to the church. Work on the statue began in 2008.

24 MSNBC suspends Olbermann for political donations

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer

3 mins ago

NEW YORK – MSNBC has suspended prime-time host Keith Olbermann indefinitely without pay for contributing to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates this election season.

Olbermann acknowledged to NBC that he donated $2,400 apiece to the campaigns of Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway and Arizona Reps. Raul Grivalva and Gabrielle Giffords.

NBC News prohibits its employees from working on, or donating to, political campaigns unless a special exception is granted by the news division president – effectively a ban. Olbermann’s bosses did not find out about the donations until after they were made. The website Politico first reported the donations.

25 White ex-transit officer given 2-year prison term

By GREG RISLING, Associated Press

36 mins ago

LOS ANGELES – A judge sentenced a white former transit officer to two years in prison Friday in the shooting death of an unarmed black man on a California train platform, angering friends and family members of the victim who wanted a much harsher punishment.

The case has provoked racial unrest at every turn, and police in Oakland were on alert for more problems following a sentence that many thought was too light.

Defendant Johannes Mehserle had faced a possible 14-year maximum term after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

26 Qantas: faulty design, build may be behind blowout


Fri Nov 5, 2:30 pm ET

SYDNEY, Australia – Qantas believes the engine that blew apart on the world’s largest jetliner was probably designed or built incorrectly, the chief of the Australian airline said Friday, focusing attention on the engine’s manufacturer, Rolls-Royce.

Hours after CEO Alan Joyce spoke, another Qantas plane with Rolls-Royce engines suffered an engine problem and turned back to Singapore’s airport shortly after it took off for Sydney. Qantas said the problem with the smaller Boeing 747 was not serious and the flight was scheduled to take off again, 3 1/2 hours late.

A passenger described a frightening scene aboard the Boeing, saying there was “a loud bang and a jet of fire from the back of the engine” two or three minutes after takeoff.

27 Shuttle launch off until end of month to fix leak

By MARCIA DUNN, AP Aerospace Writer

10 mins ago

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Space shuttle Discovery’s final voyage is off until at least the end of the month because of a large fuel leak that forced yet another launch delay.

It’s the fourth postponement in a week for Discovery’s mission to the International Space Station with six veteran astronauts and the first humanoid robot bound for orbit.

NASA tried to launch Discovery on Friday, but a potentially dangerous hydrogen gas leak cropped up midway through the fueling process and the countdown was halted.

28 Cable subscribers flee, but is Internet to blame?

By PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer

1 hr 35 mins ago

NEW YORK – TV subscribers are ditching their cable companies at an ever faster rate in the past few months, and many of them aren’t signing up with a satellite or phone competitor instead.

Their willingness to simply go without pay television could be a sign that Internet TV services such as Netflix and Hulu are finally starting to entice people to cancel cable, though company executives say the weak economy and housing market are to blame.

Third-quarter results reported this week by major cable and satellite TV companies show major losses, but don’t settle the question of what’s causing them.

29 Westwood 1 shot back of Molinari at HSBC Champions


Fri Nov 5, 2:15 pm ET

SHANGHAI – Lee Westwood figured a 5-wood would be enough to carry the water on the par-5 18th and set up an easy birdie for a share of the lead Friday at the HSBC Champions.

Only when he got to the green did he realize the hole was closer to the edge of a slope than usual, and that his position some 15 yards left of the pin made it nearly impossible to keep it on the green. He had to settle for par, leaving him one shot behind Francesco Molinari.

“That’s why you shouldn’t play golf by memory,” he said after a 2-under 70.

30 Democrat Malloy wins Connecticut governor’s race

Associated Press

43 mins ago

HARTFORD, Conn. – Dan Malloy has defeated Republican Tom Foley to become the first Democrat in two decades to be elected governor of Connecticut.

The Associated Press on Friday reinstated its call of Malloy as the winner of the governor’s race. The AP initially called Malloy the winner on Wednesday, after Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz said her preliminary count showed Malloy had won by 3,103 votes. The AP withdrew the call Wednesday night when its vote count, with all but a handful of precincts reporting, showed Foley with a narrow lead.

The AP received a complete report of results from heavily Democratic New Haven on Thursday, which substantially boosted Malloy’s total, as did new vote totals from heavily Democratic Bridgeport on Friday. The AP’s complete but unofficial count shows Malloy winning by 7,762 votes. A separate complete count now posted on the secretary of the state’s website shows Malloy winning by 5,644 votes. Both margins are well outside the difference that would trigger an automatic recount under state law.

31 70 killed in Taliban attacks on Pakistani mosques

By RIAZ KHAN, Associated Press

Fri Nov 5, 2:35 pm ET

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – A suicide bomber killed 67 people Friday at a mosque frequented by tribal elders opposed to the Pakistani Taliban. Hours later, three people died in a grenade attack on another mosque associated with anti-Taliban militia.

The strikes in northwest Pakistan were a reminder of the potency of the Taliban and their al-Qaida allies along the Afghan border despite U.S.-backed army offensives. The Obama administration believes success against insurgents there is key to its hopes of winning the war in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani army has supported the creation of militias to fight the Taliban, who are unpopular in many parts of the northwest. The groups know the region and its inhabitants and are seen as useful in securing cleared areas or stopping militants from moving into their districts.

32 GOP gains set stage for national security battle

By ANNE GEARAN, AP National Security Writer

Fri Nov 5, 6:53 am ET

WASHINGTON – The big Republican gains in Congress could make it harder for President Barack Obama to keep his pledge to start bringing U.S. troops home from Afghanistan by next summer and dim prospects for several of his administration’s centerpiece military and diplomatic initiatives.

The GOP’s victories seem likely to derail congressional efforts to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on gays serving openly in the military, thwart efforts to curb the growth of Pentagon spending and frustrate hopes for quick ratification of a nuclear arms control agreement with Russia.

More Republicans in Washington may also mean trouble for Obama’s efforts to improve U.S. relations with Iran and Cuba and restart disarmament talks with North Korea.

33 Removal of Iowa judges may inspire similar efforts


18 mins ago

DES MOINES, Iowa – Emboldened by the success of a ballot initiative to oust Iowa judges who supported gay marriage, conservative activists are looking for new ways to use the power of the vote to strike back against the courts.

Judicial-removal campaigns have generally been difficult to sell to the public. But now some groups view them as a potential tool to influence the judiciary on gay rights, abortion and other divisive social issues.

Organizers of the Iowa campaign had several important advantages: a well-funded TV campaign, a grass-roots structure and an electorate that was receptive to their message.

34 Scientists find damage to coral near BP well

By CAIN BURDEAU, Associated Press

22 mins ago

NEW ORLEANS – For the first time, federal scientists have found damage to deep sea coral and other marine life on the ocean floor several miles from the blown-out BP well – a strong indication that damage from the spill could be significantly greater than officials had previously acknowledged.

Tests are needed to verify that the coral died from oil that spewed into the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion, but the chief scientist who led the government-funded expedition said Friday he was convinced it was related.

“What we have at this point is the smoking gun,” said Charles Fisher, a biologist with Penn State University who led the expedition aboard the Ronald Brown, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel.

35 Obama flies to India, looking to boost US economy

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press

2 hrs 3 mins ago

MUMBAI, India – President Barack Obama hasn’t been able to drive down unemployment in America, so he’s coming to India in search of U.S. jobs.

Four days after his party suffered heavy, economy-influenced losses in Congress, the president will arrive Saturday in Mumbai, India’s booming financial center, where he will meet with local business leaders and with American executives who have traveled to India in search of billions of dollars in trade deals.

The White House hopes to announce agreements on aircraft and other exports, and generally broadcast that America is open for business with burgeoning India and its 1.2 billion residents.

36 Obama heading for India to open Asia trip

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press

Fri Nov 5, 6:55 am ET

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is leaving the fallout from the Democrats’ election drubbing behind as he heads for India and what’s likely to be a friendlier reception in the world’s largest democracy.

The president was to depart Friday morning on Air Force One for Mumbai, India, where he was to arrive around noon local time Saturday after refueling in Germany. It’s the first stop on a 10-day tour through India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan, the longest foreign outing of Obama’s presidency.

Obama’s trip aims to seek out economic benefit for the U.S., but advisers are also emphasizing his decision to visit four vibrant and growing democracies. It’s an itinerary meant to reinforce support for democratic values at a time when the U.S. commitment to human rights worldwide has sometimes come into question.

37 Lucha libra becomes jeering, cheering family night

By TERRY TANG, Associated Press

Fri Nov 5, 2:44 pm ET

PHOENIX – Adorable Yuky, a hefty figure in pink and black spandex, soaks in the cheers and ear-splitting screams from the crowd. Tonight, the wrestler has a trick – or rather a treat – up his sleeve.

To celebrate the Mexican holiday, “El Dia del Nino” (Kids’ Day), Yuki hurls handfuls of candy into the audience. Kids make a dive for it, then are back in their seats – joining their parents in booing and yelling at the referee to shut up.

Bodies, not candy, are what tend to go flying at a lucha libre wrestling match. But in heavily Hispanic cities such as Phoenix, some parents are choosing the decades-old Mexican form of free fighting as a way to gain some quality time.

38 UN panel sees sources for billions for climate

By CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent

Fri Nov 5, 1:01 pm ET

UNITED NATIONS – A high-level U.N. panel on Friday outlined potential sources, including levies on international flights, to raise up to $100 billion a year in new money for poorer countries to cope with climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The greatest contributions would come from private investment and from “carbon pricing,” either a direct tax broadly on emissions of carbon dioxide or a cap on emissions coupled with trading in emissions allowances, the advisory group of global political and financial leaders said in a report to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The United States has been a major holdout, however, against such carbon pricing plans, and Tuesday’s Republican victory in the U.S. House guarantees none will be enacted for at least two years.

39 Ex-GOP official: Money swap in DeLay case common

By JUAN A. LOZANO, Associated Press

Thu Nov 4, 8:37 pm ET

AUSTIN, Texas – A former Republican National Committee official told jurors Thursday in Tom DeLay’s money laundering trial he doesn’t believe anything illegal was done when the RNC exchanged $190,000 in corporate donations raised by the ex-House majority leader’s political action committee, saying such money swaps were common.

But Terry Nelson, who had been the executive director of political operations for the Washington-based RNC, said that while he had done similar swaps with state parties, he had never done one with a PAC. He also said the transaction was unusual because the PAC had provided a list of seven candidates to whom it wanted the funds to go.

Under Texas law, corporate money cannot be directly used for political campaigns. DeLay is accused of using his PAC to illegally funnel corporate donations into Texas legislative races eight years ago. He is charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. DeLay, who faces up to life in prison if convicted, has denied any wrongdoing.

40 Murkowski acts like victor but questions linger

By BECKY BOHRER, Associated Press

Thu Nov 4, 6:56 pm ET

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is acting as though she already has pulled off an improbable victory after her write-in candidacy, enthusiastically thanking supporters and telling them they’ve made history.

She may have won. Or she may be overly optimistic.

The race is far from over.

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