Nov 17 2010

Obstructing the Obstructionists

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A few days ago I posted on twitter this comment

Obama is now the Spelunker in Chief. He never found a cave he didn’t like

So, Mr. Obama, how’s that bipartisan thing working out for you now? The Republicans have taken back the House and increased the number of seats they hold in the Senate and the leadership has vowed to continue their obstructionist agenda. They are pushing the same old policies that got the US economy into the current mess. “Trickle Down” didn’t work 30 years ago and the tax cuts didn’t create one job but, hey, there are voters, spurred by the lack of message control by the Democrats, that still believe despite the evidence.

Contrary to the CW of the Village, Americans are not right of center. Not when the majority of polls show overwhelming support of a public option for health care, strong support of keeping the tax cuts for the middle class while letting the tax cuts for the top 1% expire and strong support to repeal DADT. Contrary to the talking heads, the voters message was not that the Democrats were too aggressive, it was that they weren’t aggressive enough in passing the progressive agenda.

Mr. Obama managed to trickle away his capital by negotiating with the likes of Sen. Lindsay Graham who walked away from every compromise by the President on climate change to the point where any hope of a climate bill is now in rigor mortis. He let blue dogs like Max Baucus, Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman dictate the industry and Republican written Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act . DADT could have been ended with a mere stroke of a pen using “Stop Loss” and letting the 9th Circuit decision declaring it unconstitutional stand.

Mr. Obama is destined to become a one term president unless he stars standing up to the Republicans. There are those who will whine that he has to negotiate with them totally ignoring the failure of that tactic. Caving to Republican demands has only emboldened them and this is where it has gotten us. But, we, on the left, know all this.

The only way that Obama can now counter the Republican vendetta to make him a one term President is use the power of the executive as suggested today in The Nation by Katrina vander Heuval

In the wake of November’s “shellacking,” progressives are rightfully concerned that the next two years may result in little more than total gridlock. With a Republican-controlled House, the chances of major legislation making its way to the president’s desk are, indeed, virtually nonexistent.

But the administration’s hands are not completely tied. On the contrary, the president still has the power to use executive orders, rulemaking and diplomacy to further the progressive agenda without ever consulting Congress.

On Tuesday, the Center for American Progress released a report outlining its expert’s recommendations for advancing progressive change in this new political climate. (The full report is worth the read.) As John Podesta, CAP’s President and CEO noted, “The ability of President Obama to accomplish important change through these powers should not be underestimated.”

Mr. Obama, while I have my doubts about you, I still want you to do what you promised while seeking the nomination and during your campaign. You can start by standing your ground on the tax cuts, even if it means they all expire. Listen to the progressives and the left who have the best interests of the majority in this country. You have two years to turn this around. Prove me wrong and stop caving. Good Luck

With Respect, TMC

PS: Please fire Tim Geithner.

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