2011 NL Playoffs- Cardinals at Phillies

As I mentioned in my previous post the Phillies suffer under a Republican governor so my pick of the Cardinals has nothing at all to do with the fact they are division rivals of my Metropolitans.

Nothing at all.

You see, they also Taser their fans-


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  1. At some point I’ll need to be out for about 20 minutes to pick up some nosh.

    Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

  2. Duh.

  3. Phillies ad 2 more runs to their lead. Cardinals first at bat. This could be over in 9 pitches. Atrios must really be celebrating

  4. runners at 1st & 2nd with one out

  5. Pitcher change

  6. Bases loaded.  1 Out.

  7. Two out and two runners on  

  8. they are the best team in the NL.

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