2011 NL Playoffs- Diamondbacks at Brewers Game 2

I won’t say I’m not happy with the way Game 1 turned out, though a soul destroying crushing defeat would have been better.

The Diamondbacks were not especially impressive, but the Brewers were not much better.  Today they pitch Greinke, their ace, on 3 days rest.  In Miller (named for the beer mate, you know, the one that made Mel Famey walk us) Park he’s nearly perfect with 11 wins in 15 starts.

The Diamondbacks must make do with Hudson, who doesn’t match up on paper and has lost his last 3 starts, to avoid going back to Arizona facing elimination in their home park.

I wonder if the Jumbotron will zoom in on Jan or Joe’s face?

Coverage on TBS starts at 5 pm.


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  1. That was a double.

  2. Maybe my glasses are walk us.

  3. this is my 5th or 6th reboot.

  4. D-Back at the plate

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