Oct 05 2011

2011 AL Playoffs- Yankees at Tigers Game 4

No Damn Yankees tonight, not because I think it’s bad luck, just because I can’t find anything but High School productions.

The Yankees are in the position they’d least like to be in, facing elimination with the at best unreliable A.J. Burnett on the mound.  The Tigers counter with Rick Porchello who’s marginally better on paper.

Like most Junior League games this one will turn on offense and Rodriguez and Teixeira have been notably unproductive.

Fresh Water Economists might expect things to revert to the historical mean without intervention but as a Modern Monetarist Keynesian I’m fully aware that there are states of equilibrium that do not represent the most efficient utilization of resources, particularly human capital.

If the Yankees lose you can be sure the New York market will demand changes in management.


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