2011 NL Playoffs- Diamondbacks at Brewers Game 5

Brewers fans are looking for a repeat of Game 1, what with Gallardo pitching against Kennedy at Miller Park and all.  The Diamondbacks are betting the momentum of 2 straight victories will carry them through to the next round.

That kind of magical thinking didn’t much work for the Brewers.

Bud Selig will be throwing out the first pitch tonight, so there will be a natural inclination to root against the Brewers just to spite him.  It’s an interesting bit of sports trivia that tonight’s double, double elimination game is the third time this has happened in Baseball history and the Brewers were involved in the first of those in 1981 when they lost to the Yankees.

Likewise the Phillies lost that same day to the Expos.

For you completeness fanatics the third double elimination game that day was Dodgers over the Astros and the other double, double was 2001 when the Yankees beat the As and the Mariners beat the Indians.


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  1. with runners still on 1st & 2nd; 2 outs

  2. outside of the park prior to the game

  3. Runner on 2nd,  

  4. Brewers advance to NL series championship.  

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