2011 ALCS- Tigers at Rangers Game 1

I was worried when the Yankees failed to advance I’d lose any minimal rooting interest in the Junior League.  Fortunately my distaste for all things associated with the execrable W is so profound that it allows me to overlook the numerous problems with the Tigers and focus instead on their pitiable record of failure and the deep depression of their host city to summon a small, tiny iota of sympathy.

There’s nothing like that about the Rangers.

One potentially telling statistic is the season long futility of the Rangers in close contests where they are exceeded only by the hapless Royals.  Their starter is C.J. Wilson was just terrible in Game 1 against the Devil Rays.

The Tigers are opposing with Justin Verlander who has been incredibly effective against the Rangers with an ERA of 1.29 and 3 – 0 record in Arlington and 2.61 and 6 – 2 overall.

The corporate shills at MLB are celebrating the defeat of all the major market teams and the ‘balanced’ competitiveness of the remaining field as a triumph of team work over payroll.

They’re full of shit.

What they should be mourning instead is what will be one of the lowest rated championships ever, regardless of how close the games or how long the series last.

But that’s modern capitalism for you, it doesn’t matter how crappy the product is or whether you have a market for it, it’s all about crushing the workers and minimizing your labor costs.

Coverage starts at 8 pm ET on Faux (where they were undoubtedly rooting for the Yankees).


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  1. by a barbershop quartet minus one. I’d say it was only in Texas but this seems to be a epidemic

  2. That’ll teach you.

  3. Ugh.

  4. Verlander probably out.

  5. 2nd and 3rd, 1 out.

  6. Bases Loaded, 2 Out.

  7. Good game?

    Depends on your taste I guess.

    And whether you’re shilling the public for your corporate paycheck.

    This game was a boring, muddy, mess.

  8. Bonne nuit, mes amis

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