Oct 09 2011

2011 NLCS- Cardinals at Brewers Game 1

You may have noticed in my sports reporting I don’t pretend to objectivity.  That doesn’t mean you can’t root for the other team and the play by play is what it is, just that I don’t care if you’re aware that I’m happier if certain teams win.

As I said at the beginning of this year’s Major League Baseball Playoffs I have two distinct prejudices- Junior League teams don’t play Baseball but instead Designated Hitter Derby, a bastardized game designed to protect pitchers from proving their essential offensive uselessness and cowardice in the face of consequences from their injury causing deliberate ‘mistakes’ AND extend the careers of overpriced has beens too old and slow to even play catch.

The other is in favor of teams with compelling underdog stories and from areas not governed by racist corporatists.

So the Cardinals succeed on all counts and the Brewers fail because of Scott Walker.  Sorry Brew Crew.

The Cardinals have a better Bullpen, but their offense has been anemic (on paper they’re superior to the Phillies).  Brewers starters have not pitched to form making them vulnerable.  Today they both pitch the best they have, Carpenter and Greinke, and since both teams hate each other and indulged in a fair amount of trash talk it should be close if not interesting.

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