2011 ALCS- Tigers at Rangers Game 2

It’s really hard to remember what happened Saturday what with the 2 Rain Delays and Suzuka, but at least last night they had the good sense to cancel early so I could take a nap and the really stellar news is that this afternoon’s game is going to wipe out Faux’s schedule until early evening.

When last we left them the Tigers had just lost a squeaker, 2 – 3, at the Rangers leaving them trailing in the series 1 – 0.  Optimistic fans will say that doesn’t matter so much as you’re always playing for a split away and wins at home.  Plus, of the last 23 7 Game Series, the winner of the initial game went on to ultimate victory only 13 to 10 times.

Sure I’m whistling in the dark here.  I hate the Rangers and want them to lose.

Last night’s rainout will mix up the pitching rotation down the road, but for today it will be Max Scherzer and Derek Holland.  Scherzer is remarkably inconsistent, Yankees fans should think A.J. Burnett.  It also created some breathing space in the Bullpen for the Rangers so Ogando will be available.  Scherzer gets an extra day of rest after a 1 1/3 inning relief appearance.

The other big news is that Magglio Ordonez has re-injured his ankle and will be out for the rest of the post-season.  He’ll be replaced by Delmon Young who was pulled from the roster against the Yankees with a strained oblique.


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  1. on the fact the hitter took his base.

    Sorry, over rules must have clear evidence.

  2. I am reliably informed exciting things only almost happened.

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    runners 1st & 2nd, no outs

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