Oct 15 2011

2011 NLCS- Brewers at Cardinals Game 5

So it’s all tied up 2 – 2 now and true Cardinals fans (as opposed by playoff types like me) may be disappointed in their performance, but as long as they avoid being placed in an elimination bind their situation is not so bad.

No one on the Brewers staff seems to be able to solve the Pujols problem and Zack Greinke with his lousy post season starts (37th and 40th out of 56) and 8.18 ERA is unlikely to be the key.  They’ll be reduced to pitching around him.

Opposing will be Jaime Garcia who’s pitched better than his record.  Also Berkman will be back in the lineup after a day of rest.

Still, it’s likely to be a low scoring game since Busch Stadium is much friendlier to pitchers than Miller Park.

I’ll remind myself that this weekend is also a Formula One weekend with Qualifying in Yeongam tonight at 1 am.  I’m not sure what I’ll talk about as I missed practice in last night’s excitement.


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