2011 ALCS Tigers at Rangers Game 6

There is really no reason to be hopeful about the Tigers’ chances against the Rangers tonight, down 3 – 2, playing away, except for the pitching.

The Rangers will be starting Derek Holland who has been in a word, terrible.  In the 2nd Game he wasn’t able to get out of the 3rd inning, Max Scherzer on the other hand went 6.

The day off after so many rain delays followed by consecutive starts may have allowed the Tigers to get a little better rested and healthier too.

IF (and it’s a big one) the Grrs squeak by and into Game 7 the matchup gets even better.  Game 7 is scheduled to be Colby Lewis against Doug Fister.  Lewis was decidedly underwhelming in his Game 3 appearance.

On the other hand the travel day gave the Ranger’s bullpen a rest too after covering some 23 innings in the first 5 games (that’s a little under half) during which their collective ERA has been 1.17.

So expect the hook quick and if the record is any guide I’ll have plenty of time to write my Yeongam Formula One piece (1:30 am) during the 123 late innings.


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  1. Ugh.

  2. 2 on 1 out.

  3. 2nd and 3rd.  2 Out.

  4. Finally.

  5. He played for the Rangers and actually hit .215 career.

  6. Ugh-ly.

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