2011 NLCS- Cardinals at Brewers Game 6

I won’t pretend to be happy about the Rangers win and whether or not the Cardinals do the same tonight I’ll have a day off on Tuesday before the start of the World Series on Wednesday, though I am rooting for the Birds because of Scott Walker whom my Dad points out (because he’s favoring the Brewers) the Crew is not responsible for.

I’ll also get to post S.I.M.P. video so many times you’ll be as sick of it as I am.

In tonight’s Battle of the Beers (when I drink it, it’s seldom Dos Equis), the Brewers are going to be hoping to solve their Pujols problem with Shaun Marcum who’s so far shown no indications of meriting their confidence.  The Cardinals will counter with Edwin Jackson and then rely on their freshly rested Bullpen just as they have all series (if Jackson is pulled before the 5th they will have a majority of outs).

There are those who think reserving Gallardo on short rest for a hypothetical Game 7 is a mistake and we will no doubt hear from them should things go badly, but I think your energy is better spent hating on the Rangers.

I apologize to my Texan readers and realize that there are pockets of sanity and personal circumstances that dictate residence, but I have very little good to say about a State created to preserve slavery when the Mexican government outlawed it.