Oct 24 2011

2011 World Series- Cardinals at Rangers Game 4

Oh I am so totally putting up the Rally Squirrel, not because I’m superstitious mind you, but so you have something to watch instead of W throwing out the first pitch.

I can hardly complain about last night’s results and all of a sudden those sport pundit statistics that were trending against the Cardinals are working in their favor.  The Rangers now look sorry and sad and are playing against zombie Mr. October or as I like to call it- The Pujols Problem.

He’ll never get another pitch to swing at unless it’s a mistake and it’s too bad for the Rangers he also runs and fields and is setting the table for good bats.

Now will the Rangers win another game?  I fully expect it and tonight may be their best opportunity.  Derek Holland is marginally better on paper than Edwin Jackson, but it boggles my mind that they’re not putting up Wilson and Carpenter on 3 days rest so they’re available for a game 6 or 7.  Maybe for the Rangers this makes sense since if they lose tonight they face elimination tomorrow.

Both Bullpens are tired and need what are called ‘quality’ starts where pitchers, if not exactly successful, at least eat up some innings.  The constantly wrong commentariat are looking for a repeat of yesterday’s slug fest, so I confidently predict a pitcher’s duel.

If the Cardinals do not win tonight, or even tomorrow, their fans (and you should certainly be rooting against the Rangers at a minimum) ought not be discouraged.  Last night’s victory ensures a return to Busch Stadium and the Rangers are at a serious disadvantage there.

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