Oct 25 2011

2011 World Series- Cardinals at Rangers Game 5

First, I want to emphasize that last night’s Cardinals loss wasn’t either unexpected or particularly decisive.  There were only 2 scores, a Solo Shot and a 3 Run HR, otherwise it was a pitchers duel just as I predicted.

It was kind of surprising that Derek Holland was the one to give the Rangers Bullpen a rest, but it was a ‘quality’ start on both sides so all the drek you read about advantage there is just that.

Tonight we have the Junior League version of Game 1 with C.J. Wilson and Chris Carpenter on the mound.  I don’t think having a DH gives the Rangers any benefit though it’s always more comfortable playing at home, especially one with a short porch.

What could be significant is how ineffective Wilson has been in the post season.  Counting Wednesday’s 3 – 2 loss he is 0 – 3 with a 7.17 ERA.

So I cheerfully expect some hitting after last night’s yawn fest.  Win or lose we’re headed back to Busch Stadium where the scalpers will be charging more for nosebleed seats than the Rangers’ measly $100.

As Stephen would say, the market has spoken.

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