May 04 2013

Random Japan

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The government says if a major quake were to strike the Nankai Trough, it would cause ¥17 trillion in damage-more than 10 times the cost of the 3/11 disasters.

Officials at the defense ministry are in hot water for free-speech violations after asking applicants to provide info about their spouses’ nationality and whether they had undergone “treatment for alcohol, drugs or psychological disorders.”

The Japanese government lodged a complaint with authorities in France after a French company sold “a device to facilitate landing by ship-based helicopters” to China.

Meanwhile, a 35-year-old Japanese expat living in Singapore died while rock climbing in the Batu Caves outside Kuala Lumpur.

Virtual Reality: Taste the Sound Effects From Your Favourite Comic Book Moments

by Oona McGee

Your drink’s icy cold but the manga ice cubes in your glass are h-h-hot! Now taste the palpitating sound effects from your favourite comic books thanks to these new Manga Kōri, Comic Ice silicone molds from Runa Corporation.

Coming in three designs, ゴゴゴ (go-go-go, the sound effect for rumbling), ドドド (do-do-do, the sound of running, galloping and whirring machinery), and あ゛あ゛あ゛ (a-a-a, best translated as “Arrgh”), all appear in your glass in the same font that’s often scrawled over tense moments in a manga character’s storyline.


 China Warns U.S. Japanese Nationalism

What About China’s: We Own Everything in The South China Sea

Japan’s Most Wanted

Vending Machine Thief

Shinzo Abe


Opponents face off over Constitution Day

Abe’s backers say now is their time; foes feel sense of crisis



With revising the pacifist Constitution rapidly emerging as the primary issue in the upcoming Upper House election, proponents and opponents of change alike used Friday – Constitution Day – to press their cases.

A group in favor of changing the Constitution held a major rally in Tokyo while thousands of its defenders held a protest march through the capital.

In the 66 years since its promulgation, the constitutional debate has rarely been this vigorous. The debate heated up after the Liberal Democratic Party took back control of the government in December, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looking to make it a focus of the Upper House campaign this summer.